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Enjoy a 1-Year Warranty When You Buy a Fence From Us

The professionals at Avery Fence and Deck LLC has over 5 years of experience in the business. We offer a 1-year, no-hassle warranty on our workmanship, along with a 20-year warranty against rot and termites on our wood products.


Be advised that if you choose a fence built with pressure-treated wood, you can expect the material to warp, crack, or split with time. Call our experts for repairs. We will only charge you for the material, not the labor.


The Warranties We Offer

  • Workmanship: 1-year warranty
  • Chain-link: 15-year limited warranty
  • Wood products: 20-year warranty against rot and termites
  • Aluminum and vinyl materials: Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty


Important Factors That Can Nullify Your Warranty

  • Damage or defects caused by the failure to maintain any item or keep it in good working order
  • As a result of unforeseen site conditions occurring beyond the contractor's control
  • Damage resulting from fire, freezing, storms, electrical malfunction or surge, lightening, earthquake, pest damage, acts of God, or other unforeseen causes or accidents
  • Damage from alterations, misuse, or abuse by any person, ordinary wear and tear, or problems caused by lack of maintenance
  • Any item furnished, installed, modified, altered, or repaired by any other person other than the contractor
  • The warranty is not valid unless the contract is paid in full
  • Any loss, injury, or damage attributable to the subsidence or movement of land as a result of a landslide, mudflow, flooding, water infiltration, or the earth sinking shifting, expanding, or contracting
  • Conditions resulting from condensation, expansion, or contraction of materials
  • Problems which arise in an attempt to match existing materials. There are limitations inherent in the matching of existing materials. Exact duplication in matching texture and color will not be guaranteed. Variations within industry tolerances will be considered acceptable
  • The contractor's statements of opinion, comments, affirmations of value or functionality, product descriptions, or instructions for use, of the work or materials furnished, shall not be considered a warranty
  • Delays caused by factors beyond the control of the contractor. The owner warrants that work can be performed as called for by any owner-mandated schedule
  • Delays due to the unavailability of material. The owner will warrant the commercial availability of any specified single-source product
  • Implied warranties derived from any course of dealing or usage in the trade
  • The owner agrees to provide a contractor, or their representative, access to the premises and the first opportunity of repairing or replacing any defective items. If the contractor is not given that opportunity, any expenses incurred by another contractor will be at the owner's expense


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